Be Conservation Champion

Damage to the environment cannot be reverted without paying back to it. We seek your to strengthen our efforts in the direction of a clean & green environment.

Green India Foundation

Green India Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organisation aims to promote, propagate and conserve the environment through encouraging and endorsing plantation in the surroundings.The Foundation aware people about the significance of healthy environment that regulates necessity of human life and provides cultural, economic, aesthetic and recreational services. The foundation acts and advices for developing a rich bio-diversity in the surrounding, through planting variety of plants suitable for the ecological conditions and promote rural livelihood. We understand the role of Nature in providing subsistence and help in a rhythmic way of living for the poor people from rural as well as urban areas.
NGO Registration NO NGO Registration date and Year NGO Darpan Id
5258 11-Nov-2009(2009-10) DL/2017/0157793

Note: NGO Darpan id is a unique identification No. for VOs/NGOs provided by NITI Aayog( as directed by government of India